Man sentenced to time served for 2015 Fort George robbery

Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas -
Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas -

A HIGH COURT judge sentenced a man to time served on Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to robbing two people in 2015 at Fort George.

In November last year, Antonio Glasgow received a maximum sentence indication (MSI) from Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas for two counts of robbery, proposing sentences of three years and one year respectively. They are to run concurrently, it was proposed.

While an MSI is not a sentence, it gives an accused an idea of the likely sentence to be imposed by the court if they were minded to plead guilty to an offence.

Glasgow was expected to be sentenced after his guilty plea was put on record, but there was conflicting information on the time he has spent in custody awaiting trial, so the judge adjourned the matter to January 19.

His attorney Sheldon Guerra said his client had been on remand for seven years.

On Wednesday, prosecutor Veona Neal-Munroe told the judge the prison had said Glasgow has spent 931 days in its custody.

Although he admitted not having received other information from the warrant section of the prison, Guerra said his client was willing to accept the 931 days, and given the court’s previous sentence indication, it would cover the time spent.

In December, Glasgow was put on his own bail of $5,000 and on Wednesday, he was discharged.

He was accused of robbing a man and woman of three gold chains, an anklet, earrings, a cellphone and cash, using a knife.

In sentencing him, the judge said he was going to impose the three-year and one-year concurrent sentences and dispense with the sentencing guidelines of setting a starting point and counting down the reductions, given the history of the matter.

After discharging him, St Clair-Douglas told Glasgow to learn from the lessons of life and not get back into the situation he found himself in years ago.


"Man sentenced to time served for 2015 Fort George robbery"

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