CAL grounds NY flight in Virginia after windshield crack discovered

SOME 111 passengers and crew on a Caribbean Airlines flight from Piarco en route to John F Kennedy Airport in New York have been forced to land in Virginia after a “technical issue” was discovered on the flight.

CAL issued a media release on Wednesday, hours after BW520 was diverted to Norfolk, Virginia.

It said the aircraft (Boeing 737-800NG) was on the ground at Norfolk and the airline is in contact with everyone affected by the disruption.

“The passengers have been accommodated and arrangements are being made to get them to their final destinations. Further information will be provided when this is completed.

“CAL thanks its customers for their understanding as this unplanned deviation is resolved.”

The flight left Piarco at minutes to midnight, after which cracks were reportedly found in the jet’s windshield.

Newsday spoke briefly with CAL’s head of corporate communications Dionne Ligoure, who confirmed that the diversion was deemed necessary after “technical issues” were discovered with the windshield.


"CAL grounds NY flight in Virginia after windshield crack discovered"

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