My 20-year issue with WASA

THE EDITOR: We all have had more than our fair share of WASA's incompetence and corruption. My issue has been ongoing for the past 20 years with no resolution in sight.

The ten-centimetre main that feeds the neighbourhood runs under my driveway, a distance of over two metres from the drain. It is leaking yet again. This is the 12th time in the past 30 years, an average of one repair every 30 months.

It bothers me that this will be the third time that I will have to repair my tiled driveway myself, my plants and trees are always dying due to water-logging, and that my walls are always damp and the paint is forever peeling. But that is my problem. As the WASA man said to me last Friday, "We is WASA. Yuh cyah win we."

I tried speaking to the man who appeared to be the senior person in an effort to advise him where to dig so as to minimise damage. His response was, "We is WASA! We does dig up people place all over de country, even in Valsayn an ting an dey does have tuh fix it back deyself."

So true. He is right. He is WASA. WASA is him. We are all one with WASA.

Since the beginning, we all prefer to buy them a bottle of rum rather than go through the right channels and follow correct procedures. WASA is a reflection of TT.

This leak was reported to WASA on September 30, 2020, reference number 5996409. I followed up with weekly calls for three months before I gave up.

week has passed yet again since WASA came “to look at it.” Nothing has been done.


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"My 20-year issue with WASA"

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