Injunction stops Agricultural Society's elections

Justice Avason Quinlan-Williams. -
Justice Avason Quinlan-Williams. -

The Agricultural Society’s annual executive election has been temporarily postponed as a result of emergency legal action by a presidential candidate.

On Saturday, lawyers representing Bindra Maharaj, of Sills Farmers’ Support Group, filed an injunction application to stop the election, which was expected to take place on Sunday at the ASTT’s annual general meeting.

Justice Avason Quinlan-Williams granted the injunction, a statement from the farmers’ group said.

In the release, Maharaj said he petitioned the court for injunctive relief owing to alleged irregularities in the election attributed to the board.

The injunction application was filed ex-parte and was granted without a hearing.

“Not only is this a step in the right direction to stamp out corruption but a victory for justice,” the release said.

The matter will now be docketed to a new judge to determine if leave should be granted to pursue the lawsuit against the ASTT.

Maharaj is represented by attorneys Jean Paul Lamont, Leandrea Lutchman and Dharan Balliram.


"Injunction stops Agricultural Society’s elections"

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