Chaguanas owner complains about video of his bar

The owner of The Lazy Lizard bar on Rodney Branch Road, Endeavour, Chaguanas is unhappy with the public response to a video of his bar being circulated on social media.

Russel Bahadoosingh's bar was seen in a video showing a large gathering of patrons dancing and without masks. The video was posted on several social media pages on Saturday night, was shared over 400 times and received hundreds of comments. Some called on the Government to revert to stricter regulations to prevent such public gatherings and events which would contribute to the spread of covid19.

Speaking with the Newsday on Sunday, acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob confirmed police had seen the video and the Cyber Crime Unit is investigating. He said if it finds sufficient evidence to confirm the authenticity of the video, and whether it is recent, police will look into investigating a possible breach of covid19 public health regulations.

On Monday, Bahadoosingh said his establishment is a lot more spacious than the video made it seem. He said he was further disappointed with the article in Monday's Newsday.

"The Newsday needs to be accurate in their reporting," he complained. "At no time did anyone from the paper contact or visit me to even see my establishment."

Newsday's story did not name the bar or the owner, or describe the bar other than to say it was in Chaguanas.

The bar owner said he is unable to confirm if the video is from Saturday or a previous date. He also said, "That video does not show the entire bar, it panned through a small section and the public was left to think that the place is small."

He said his bar has a density certificate from the fire service and he has never exceeded the limit.

"I can accommodate even less now that I am only allowed to have 50 per cent capacity, and even that I have not crossed. The bar is a very big place."

The bar owner said under the safe-zone policy there is no need to wear a mask.

"There is nothing that says you cannot drink, dance or take off your mask in a safe zone. We have a very strict vaccine policy here."

Asked how he felt about the police investigating the authenticity of the video he said, "If Cyber Crimes wishes to investigate that is their duty, but the way the paper painted my bar in a negative way is wrong."

Bahadoosingh said the police have not contacted him.

Calls to Jacob on Monday went unanswered.


"Chaguanas owner complains about video of his bar"

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