Inefficiency of Penal/Debe corporation

THE EDITOR: On April 6, 2021, I e-mailed the CEO of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation with a matter that I believe needs the attention of the corporation.

I was contacted by someone at the corporation who requested my street address so an acknowledgement could be mailed to me.

In September, not having received an acknowledgement of my complaint, I again e-mailed the CEO on the 24th of that month, providing my street address and advising that no acknowledgement was received.

On December 21, I once more e-mailed the CEO and copied one Ivana Saney, who had e-mailed me on another matter, hoping to get a response. I again provided my street address.

At the time of writing this letter I have not been contacted by the corporation.

This letter serves to highlight the inefficiency and incompetence of the corporation and one of the reasons why people have no faith and trust in institutions like this.

In this electronic and technological age we are till very backward when communicating has become so much easier.

The chairman needs to investigate what’s happening at the corporation since I had a previous experience and after six months I had to reach out to the corporate secretary on the matter, which was addressed in a day.


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"Inefficiency of Penal/Debe corporation"

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