Bedridden ex-cop stabbed to death in Chaguanas home

Darryl Jodha
Darryl Jodha

A retired policeman, who was bedridden by a stroke, was found dead in his Chaguanas home around 7.15 am on Saturday, with stab wounds.

Police said Darryl Jodhan, 57, was found by his wife bleeding on his bed on the ground floor of their two-storey home in Rhone Crescent, Oasis Gardens.

He was stabbed twice to the head and three times to the abdomen.

Jodhan, who had over 30 years' service, was last attached to the Immigration Division, according to police records. He retired about six years ago after suffering a stroke which left him immobile and with speech impediments.

When Newsday visited the family on Saturday, Jodhan’s wife, a policewoman, was at the police station assisting with the investigation.

A close female relative said the entire family was so shocked that many of them were not able to cry and their priority was providing support to Jodhan’s sons aged nine and seven.

“We are all surprised and at this point, we cannot even muster up the tears to cry because it seems so unreal.”

She explained that due to Jodhan’s condition he spent most of his time downstairs and slept on a special bed near the window and moved about with the aid of a wheelchair. Both items, she said, were provided by police.

The woman said the family’s home was robbed a few years ago and called on the relevant authorities to increase security in the area.

She described Oasis Gardens, a Housing Development Corporation project, as a troubled community.

“They broke into the house and took almost everything. His wife changed the doors, with the hope that this one would be stronger, but they still made their way in.

“The crimes that happen in here, people prefer to turn a blind eye. A man was murdered, and no one heard or saw anything.”

She said the perpetrators tampered with the front door locks, forced their way into the home and cut the lines to the security cameras.

When Newsday checked with the police, they said they were unsure if the door was tampered with and were reviewing the footage retrieved from the home.


"Bedridden ex-cop stabbed to death in Chaguanas home"

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