Ban sky lanterns,fireworks

THE EDITOR: The Government should put politics and ole talk aside and ban the purchase of fireworks and sky lanterns by the general public. More than 20 residents of Quarry Street, Port of Spain, lost their homes by fire, the assumed cause is fireworks/sky lanterns. We must be very cognisant that not all houses have metal roofs.

According to section 37 of the Explosives Act, Chapter 16:02, the Minister of National Security may by order prohibit the importation and sale of different types of explosives. However, this can be the tool to allow the Government to cease fireworks sales to the public.

I agree with Port of Spain North/St Ann's West MP Stuart Young that fireworks are a waste of foreign exchange and are literally burning up forex. In spite of the increasing food prices, it would be more sensible to purchase groceries than fireworks and lanterns.

It is time to discipline the people who have no regard for loss of property, sending animals wild and confused, and upsetting sick people – young and old – in residential areas. Rectify this issue forthwith.




"Ban sky lanterns,fireworks"

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