Slight uptick in police taking covid19 vaccine

ACP Joanne Archie - TTPS
ACP Joanne Archie - TTPS

A total of 32 police officers have died of the covid19 virus, but only one in two is vaccinated.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Joanne Archie said on Friday that the organisation had been significantly affected and challenged during the two years of the pandemic while trying to enforce the various health regulations.

Speaking at a media briefing at the Police Administration building, Archie, who is in charge of human resources, said officers began accessing medical advice on Wednesday from personnel at the police hospital about the effect of the vaccine on any pre-existing medical conditions they might have.

She said the latest figures showed that 51 per cent of the service was now vaccinated.

Police are among frontline officers who will be required to be vaccinated to work once the government's vaccinate-to-work policy kicks in.

In addition, from Friday officers will be required to state their vaccination status on an internal digital form which will help monitor officers in real time.

Acting DCP Erla Christopher said the service was challenged by the onslaught of the virus and how to manage its human resources.

Her colleague acting DCP Wendell Williams said officers had been a "bit slow" in getting vaccinated and hoped they would get "more serious" about their safety now, considering how many have died of the virus.

He said some officers take all the necessary precautions and still get the virus.

On a significant number of officers having to be quarantined after being exposed to the virus, acting CoP McDonald Jacob said he would authorise extended tours of duty for special reserve officers.


"Slight uptick in police taking covid19 vaccine"

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