No longer strong arm of the law

THE EDITOR: There was a time when the police service represented a point of correction for wayward boys. If you misbehaved your parents could take you to the police station so that an officer could tell you how you should be behave.

The impression given then was that policemen were strong and could do anything.

Fast forward to these covid19 days and the police are no longer seen as a cut above getting ill and dying from covid19. As we cross the dreaded 3,000 deaths threshold, an increasing number of officers are succumbing to the virus.

Public sector workers who are still unvaccinated and listening to their fully vaccinated trade union leaders, read and understand the following: At some point in time each human being must face death and dying. How and why you get there must include a feeling of satisfaction that you did what you had to do to make everyone around you safe.

All public sector workers are there to assist all members of the public who, through the Government, are paying their salaries.

This is a case of family, friends and the general public first – not the trade union leaders.

Please get vaccinated.


Diego Martin


"No longer strong arm of the law"

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