THA Education Division, TTUTA to collaborate

Secretary of Education Zorisha Hackett. - THA
Secretary of Education Zorisha Hackett. - THA

There has been a commitment between the TT Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) Tobago Region and the THA Division of Education, Research and Technology (DERT) to work together and create a sustainable system to address each outstanding issue, says the division secretary, Zorisha Hackett.

Speaking with Newsday on Thursday, Hackett said, “TTUTA continues to collaborate with the DERT to meet the needs of all stakeholders in education.”

The two met last Monday. Also at the meeting were the school supervisor III, the senior human resource officer and the administrator. This is the second meeting between the two bodies in two weeks and was a follow-up from the first, held on January 4.

The secretary said TTUTA provided a comprehensive report on matters related to schools in Tobago such as servicing airconditioning units, roof repairs, furniture, upgrades to facilities such as sick bays and other maintenance concerns.

She said, “Their emphasis was also placed on appreciating the challenges with communication and the length of time that specific matters take to be completed, such as the confirmation of teachers.”

She said four other issues were also on the agenda.

“Staffing at all levels, funding and resources, labs that are not yet certified for use and covid19 safety protocols.”

Last Tuesday, TTUTA’s Tobago officer Bradon Roberts told Newsday he was optimistic after the second meeting. He said all those who attended left with clear perspectives on things to be done.


"THA Education Division, TTUTA to collaborate"

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