453 new covid19 cases, 15 deaths

Image courtesy CDC
Image courtesy CDC

The Ministry of Health reported 453 new covid19 cases in its 4 pm update on Thursday. Total active cases were 15,854.

The number of covid19 cases have been rising and dropping at intervals since the beginning of January with the highest number of cases for the month so far recorded on January 7 with 974 cases.

The week began with 402 cases being reported on Monday which gradually increased to 577 cases on Wednesday before dropping again on Thursday.

The update also reported that there were 15 new covid19 related deaths.

These deaths were four elderly men, six elderly women, three middle-aged men, a middle-aged woman and a young adult female.

Some of the comorbidities among those who died were diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease and a history of strokes.

Nine people had multiple comorbidities while two people had one comorbidity and four people had no known medical conditions.

The total number of covid19 related deaths are 3,134.

It was also reported that there were 79,939 covid19 patient recoveries, with 69 people discharged from public health facilities.

There are 503 recovered community cases.

Recovered community cases are people who tested positive for covid19 and placed in self-ioslation but later met the discharge criteria and were allowed to be released.

As of Thursday it was reported that 677,920 people were fully vaccinated while 722,080 people received either one dose or no dose of the vaccine.


"453 new covid19 cases, 15 deaths"

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