Tobago Business Chamber: Customer service must improve

The I Love Tobago sign at the Scarborough Esplanade. FILE PHOTO -
The I Love Tobago sign at the Scarborough Esplanade. FILE PHOTO -

The Tobago Business Chamber wants to see an improvement in the quality of customer service on the island.

In a Whatsapp voice note on Wednesday, the chamber’s chairman, Martin George, said while the organisation welcomed the return of international flights to Tobago, the island must also enhance its customer service delivery to meet the needs of both tourists and locals.

“We have to improve the quality of our service delivery, because we do not have a high level or standard or quality of service at so many of our hotels and guesthouses in Tobago. We need to improve that,” he said.

“These are things that the visitor looks for when they come. You can’t be serving someone and you in a mood and showing them displeasure or dissatisfaction. You have to be there and you have to make sure the visitor enjoys the experience of being in Tobago, the service they get, the treatment they get. These are all part of the entire package that constitutes a tourism product.”

In August 2021, former chief secretary Ancil Dennis launched an islandwide customer service initiative as part of a strategy to reposition Tobago as the ideal tourist destination.

The three-year initiative, which is being conducted by internationally-recognised company Uplifting Service, covers workers in various fields, including the THA, hospitality, health and business sectors.


"Tobago Business Chamber: Customer service must improve"

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