17 deaths, 577 new covid19 cases

Image courtesy CDC
Image courtesy CDC

The Ministry of Health has reported 17 deaths and 577 new covid19 cases on Wednesday.

In its 4 pm update it said there are 15,988 active cases and 613 patients in hospital. The total number of covid19 deaths is 3,119.

It said of those who have died, 177 were fully vaccinated, 2,552 were not vaccinated, and 390 died before May 24, 2021, which is the date at which the first group of vaccinated individuals became fully vaccinated.

The update said 85.8 per cent of patients in hospital are not fully vaccinated and 14.1 per cent are not fully vaccinated.

It said 677,025 people are fully vaccinated with 48.4 per cent of the population fully vaccinated, while 722,975 are not fully vaccinated. It said 94,254 people have received their boosters.


"17 deaths, 577 new covid19 cases"

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