UNC slams Hinds over Beetham stench

A Beetham resident shows leaking raw sewage in his home on Monday. Photo by Roger Jacob
A Beetham resident shows leaking raw sewage in his home on Monday. Photo by Roger Jacob

THE UNC on Tuesday accused Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds of insensitivity towards the plight of Beetham residents who, on Monday, burnt debris on the Beetham Highway and the Priority Bus Route to protest, what they believed to be, the delay by WASA in repairing a sewer.

Hinds, in a newspaper report, was quoted as apologising for the delay but called on his constituents to be patient because the project was a major one.

A UNC statement said Hinds, who is also National Security Minister, had insulted the intelligence of residents.

"Fitzgerald Hinds, like his other PNM colleagues, has no shame and absolutely no compassion for his long-suffering constituents when he unbelievably tells them that they should 'have more patience' as the PNM tries to fix a serious sewerage problem which they have ostensibly been working on since September 2021.

"Fitzgerald Hinds incredibly expects Beetham residents to be ‘patient’ for months, and be forced to live in sewer water, have it backed up in front of their homes, have their children playing around it, accidentally falling in and getting sick.

“This attitude from Fitzgerald Hinds toward the residents is as offensive and revolting as the toilet water itself."

The UNC accused the PNM of having a heartbreaking level of disrespect for its loyal heartland constituency.

"For years, the long-suffering residents have supported the PNM, but Fitzgerald Hinds is content to see them live in filth, and will not lift a finger to help them.

"Thankfully, the residents are not taking it any more."

The UNC said it was not just Beetham residents who had lost patience with Hinds and the PNM, but the whole country.

"We call on this lame duck Rowley government, which has already pre-collapsed in office, to resign now and call fresh elections immediately.

"The people have had enough, and will continue to stand up in defence of their and their families’ rights, their lives, and their livelihoods."


"UNC slams Hinds over Beetham stench"

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