Squeezy Rankin elated to join Sea Lots boxing initiative

Soca artiste Swappi (R) faces off with fellow entertainer Squeezy Rankin ahead of their bout as part of the Sea Lots Boxing Community inititaive. Photo by Roger Jacob
Soca artiste Swappi (R) faces off with fellow entertainer Squeezy Rankin ahead of their bout as part of the Sea Lots Boxing Community inititaive. Photo by Roger Jacob

ANTHONY “Squeezy Rankin” La Fleur is elated to jump into the ring for a groundbreaking initiative and support the Sea Lots boxing community which will see the entertainer lock horns against fellow entertainer Marvin “Swappi” Davis in a match.

La Fleur and Davis plan to battle in early February at a venue to be confirmed. Davis was initially scheduled to fight entertainer Kern “Trinidad Killa” Joseph, but that bout did not materialise.

The organisers are hoping to get approval from the Government.

On Monday, La Fleur said he was ready to get involved.

“I was contacted by (entertainer) Vince Dan and Swappi himself and the management team I should say. They explained to me what they were going to do, what the initiative is about and personally I like that initiative…if you go back to my history you will see I am always for that (positivity).”

La Fleur said he was “honoured” to be called.

La Fleur, who was born in Morvant, now resides in La Horquetta.

The Sea Lots boxing community is aiming to promote peace among communities throughout TT. They are asking people to put down the guns and pick up the gloves.

“Win, draw or lose I am just glad to be part of something ground breaking in TT,” La Fleur said.

“You don’t know how people looking at it, but this is something definitely groundbreaking in TT here. I don’t know why we fraid ground breaking stuff in this little island especially in entertainment.”

La Fleur is aiming to get fit for the showdown against his friend.

“Is all about conditioning with me right now,” La Fleur said.

La Fleur never boxed before, but played sports as a youngster including football.

He plans to work with a coach in preparation for the fight. “By time the bout (comes around) I will be ready.”

Davis is confident ahead of the contest. In a message to La Fleur, Davis said, “I will empty all your squeezy out your bottle boy.”

Davis is hoping to gather support for the fight.

“We pitched to some sponsors. We still waiting for some answers. We just have to wait based on everything, what is taking place with covid and all that.”

Soca artiste Marvin 'Swappi' Davis (R) and fellow artiste Anthony ' Squeezy' Rankin (C) discuss the Seal Lots boxing community initiative and the artistes' upcoming bout with Newsday reporter Jelani Beckles, on Monday, at the Brian Lara Promende, Independence Square, Port of Spain. Photo by Roger Jacob

Hosting a boxing match is not the only initiative being planned in the community in an effort to uplift it.

Davis said, “This is to build the community…we want to put up a gym – Ease Your Frustration Boxing Gym. Communities can come and train, young people that have some hands, that have some skills, they could come and sharpen their skills there.”

Vince Dan said people in Sea Lots can help construct the gym as there are enough labourers in the community.

However, he said support is required to make the dream a reality.

“That will be a plus because if you notice plenty of the youths have a lot of anger in them.” Dan is calling for support in the initiative. “Is the strength (support) we need…the labour is nothing.”

Dan said if nobody supports them the community is still determined to get the gym off the ground.


"Squeezy Rankin elated to join Sea Lots boxing initiative"

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