Carrera prisoner gets 6 more years for stabbing fellow inmate

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A CARRERA island prisoner was sentenced on Tuesday to an additional six years in prison for stabbing another inmate a decade ago.

Rodney Davis, 51, was sentenced by Justice Gail Gonzales after he pleaded guilty to maliciously wounding Jewan Jaggernauth by stabbing him six times on January 7, 2012.

Davis has been an inmate since 1992 for a capital matter.

It was the prosecution’s case that Jaggernath was emptying his pail when Davis and another inmate approached him, asking about a cellphone and cigarettes. There was an argument between the prisoners and Davis stabbed Jaggernauth six times with a 12-inch makeshift blade before prison officers intervened.

Davis was represented by public defender Nicholas Rampersadsingh who, in a plea in mitigation, said he suffered from a host of medical ailments, including intestinal cancer, epilepsy, brittle bone syndrome, thyroid problems and ulcers.

He also said Davis was a wardsman at the prison and was said by prison officers to be “compliant and easy to manage.”

Jaggernauth,in a victim impact statement, said he had forgiven Davis for the attack.

In sentencing Davis, Gonzales said the attack was “brutal” and that a weapon was “contrived” for the unprovoked attack was an aggravating factor in the case.


"Carrera prisoner gets 6 more years for stabbing fellow inmate"

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