Claxton Bay businessman beaten, robbed in front of family

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A 66-year-old Claxton Bay businessman is grateful to be alive after he was beaten and robbed by bandits at his home and businessplace last Wednesday night.

Speaking with Newsday on Sunday, Ashmead Mohammed the owner of AM Auto Supply retailers said the incident left his family traumatised and hopes that the public would be extra vigilant in protecting themselves and their families.

Mohammed said he was watching the news when he heard his wife, Leila Mohammed, scream from outside the house.

On checking, he saw five bandits, all with guns, entering the house.

Mohammed, who recently underwent an operation, was beaten by the bandits who demanded money before going to different rooms of the house stealing laptops, cellphones and cash.

"I'm just happy to be alive right now. I've read in the papers of people being shot and seriously wounded in situations like that so I'm just glad I and my family weren't seriously hurt.

"It's not a nice feeling at all. My two grandchildren were in the house at the time and they hid from the bandits. They weren't hurt thank God.

"They put a gun in my face all kind of thing."

Mohammed said his wife was able to free herself and raised an alarm which caused the bandits to run away.

Mohammed, who has operated the businessplace out of his Cedar Hill home for the past 35 years, said while he was shaken after the robbery, he was not discouraged and insisted more safety measures will be taken in the future.

"I never did anything illegal to say I am fearful. I won't be closing down the businessplace or anything like that. I am concerned so I have to be mindful of the situation with crime and everything out there.

"Sometimes people would come and call after 8 pm when we close up saying their car got broken down and they need help, usually we try to help out but that may have to stop now."

Mohammed said three of his four guard dogs were poisoned last year, but this was the first time bandits were able to enter the family's home.

He said while he was pleased with the quick response of the police, he hoped that patrols could be increased in different neighbourhoods.

Meanwhile, Central Division police are searching for seven men who robbed a family at gunpoint on Sunday.

Police said at around 10. 30 am, the driver of a white AD wagon pulled up in front of KS Maraj liquor mart at Basta Hall in Couva.

The men beat the owners and stole a silver Honda City car that was nearby.

Before leaving, the gunmen fired several shots, but no one was hit.

Police believe it was the same group which attacked the Mohammed family.


"Claxton Bay businessman beaten, robbed in front of family"

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