402 new covid19 cases, 16 deaths

SOME 16 more people died from covid19, while 402 more people became infected with the virus (based on samples taken between Tuesday and Sunday), said the Ministry of Health’s update for Monday. The country now has 16,169 active cases.

Since March 2020, some 3,082 people have died from covid19.

In all, 97,354 became infected, of whom 78,103 recovered. Some 525,388 people have been tested, including 231,940 at private facilities.

Some 453 people are now in hospital, 144 in step-down facilities, 56 in state quarantine facilities, and 15,170 in home self-isolation.

Regarding vaccination, some 725,382 people had the first of a two-dose regime, and 674,618 the second dose. Some 50,525 people had a single-dose regime.

Otherwise, some 90,359 people have had a booster.

The update said data from July 22-December 22 showed 86 per cent of patients in the parallel health-care system had not been fully vaccinated, (that is, 9,607 were unvaccinated compared to 1,570 vaccinated.) The update said out of 3,082 deaths, some 172 victims were fully vaccinated. It said 48.2 per cent of the population is fully vaccinated.


"402 new covid19 cases, 16 deaths"

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