Tobago's active covid19 cases now 1,489

Image courtesy CDC
Image courtesy CDC

Tobago’s active covid19 cases now stand at 1,489; after 53 new cases of the virus emerged overnight Friday. The island’s covid19 deaths remain 216.

In a statement on Saturday, the THA Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection reported there are 31 patients in state isolation, 1,489 in home isolation, five in ICU, and two in a step-down facility. Forty-two patients have been discharged.

The division said to date 22,032 people in Tobago have been tested; of that number, 6,094 were positive. There are 4,389 recovered patients.

The division said 24,691 people are partially vaccinated, while 23,356 are fully vaccinated.

It added 3,647 people have received their booster shots.


"Tobago’s active covid19 cases now 1,489"

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