Team-building session hosted at THA retreat

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine - Photo by Jeff K. Mayers
Chief Secretary Farley Augustine - Photo by Jeff K. Mayers

Anthony Watkins, CEO and principal consultant of Odyssey ConsulTinc, led a session on team-building for the new members of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) on Thursday.

The retreat, which began on Wednesday, is being held at the Rovanel’s Resort, Store Bay Local Road.

It is aimed at preparing secretaries and assistant secretaries for their new roles and responsibilities.

The retreat is addressing topics such as Tobago’s response to covid19, functions of the legislature and THA Act, intergovernmental affairs and protocol and etiquette.

The agenda also includes public procurement and contract regulation, financial management, political life and mental health and rules and accounting practices.

After the retreat, Chief Secretary Farley Augustine is expected to make key announcements at a virtual news conference on Sunday at 2pm.

The Progressive Democratic Patriots won 14 of the 15 electoral districts in the December 6, 2021 THA elections.


"Team-building session hosted at THA retreat"

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