Jacob slams irresponsible limers for police covid deaths

Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob
Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob

As the police service mourns two more policemen who died from covid19, acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob has chided certain people for their irresponsible behaviour, which he says is directly responsible for infections and deaths among his officers.

The official police Facebook page reported that PCs Shelford Kinsale and Saied Ali died from covid19 one day apart, on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

A total of 29 police officers had died from covid19 up to Thursday afternoon.

Speaking with Newsday, Jacob slammed partygoers for flouting the public health regulations and called on the media to do more to highlight those responsible for organising such events.

"My officers are dying as a result of the people who are choosing to go and organise all these little parties.

"I find the news media need to be a little tougher on people in the society who are organising these things, so when you hear our people are down, it's because we always have to go into action because of bad things people are doing in the society. Our officers are down because they constantly have to go into action for people who are doing things to violate the regulations.

"There is nothing emphasising the people who plan, organise and attending these things and my officers are dying."

Four police officers have died since Tuesday.


"Jacob slams irresponsible limers for police covid deaths"

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