15 deaths, 637 new covid19 cases

Image courtesy CDC.
Image courtesy CDC.

The Ministry of Health reported 15 deaths and 637 new covid19 cases on Tuesday.

In its 4pm update it said there are 15,345 active cases and 609 patients in hospital.

The total number of covid19 deaths is 2,951.

Of the 15 latest deaths, six were elderly males, four elderly females, two middle-aged males, one middle-aged female, one young adult male, and one young adult female.

It said eight of the patients had multiple comorbidities, four had one, and three had no known medical conditions.

Of those who have died, 158 were fully vaccinated, 2,403 were not vaccinated, and 390 died before May 24, 2021, which is the date at which the first group of vaccinated individuals became fully vaccinated.

The update said 86.8 per cent of patients are not fully vaccinated and 13.2 per cent are not fully vaccinated.

It said 670,167 people, or 47.9 per cent of the population, are fully vaccinated, while 729,833 are not fully vaccinated, and 79,086 people have received boosters.

The number of people tested to date is 513,554.

The update said 444 patients are in hospital, 165 are in step-down facilities, and 14,099 are in home self-isolation.


"15 deaths, 637 new covid19 cases"

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