Over 60 expected to be charged for Carenage yacht lime

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Over 60 people, including soldiers and one sailor, were still being processed on Monday and awaiting charges for violating the public health regulations after they were arrested by police on a yacht in the waters off the coast of Carenage early on Monday morning.

Police said members of the Western Division were conducting surveillance at arouind 12.30 am when they saw the vessel and intercepted it.

The police instructed the captain of the boat to head back to shore where 67 people aboard were arrested.

Among those held were four soldiers and one coast guardsman.

Investigators said, a pistol was found during a search of the boat.

One officer said the people were expected to be charged before the end of the day at the Carenage police station.

The yacht is in the custody of the coast guard at Staubles Bay, Chaguaramas.

On Boxing Day police intercepted a vessel moored in Chaguaramas and temporarily detained over 100 people for breaking the public health regulations. The boat’s owner, Adrian Scoon, said he had applied for and was granted a licence to operate the boat as a floating restaurant.

One officer warned the public to stop trying to find ways around the public health regulations and said such activities would not be tolerated.

"It's getting ridiculous now.

"We need people to listen closely and do their part to avoid spreading this virus. It's not something we will be taking lightly, no matter what excuse."

The exercise involved the Western Division CID, Task Force, the police riverine unit and the coast guard.

Responding to the incident at a media conference on Monday afternoon, National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds said he was told of the incident earlier and was disappointed in the behaviour of those aboard the vessel.

He said while the situation was unfortunate, he also praised the police and the coast guard for their response, adding that it was testament to the efficiency of the protective services.

"It excited my soul after it threatened to sadden me.

"I was very sad to learn that there are still citizens who, in the face of the very serious threat of covid19 and it's variants, find it fashionable, perhaps, to congregate themselves to party in the face of the risks that we are all confronted with.

"I was very saddened at that fact, but I immediately felt a great sense of happiness because the whiff suggested to me that members of the Western Division, as I am aware, and other members of the law enforcement platform were very heavily at work in the enforcement of the covid19 regulations and laws, came across that seacraft and were able to execute the interception."


"Over 60 expected to be charged for Carenage yacht lime"

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