Brothers Sheraz, Riad Ali, the junior mechanics of Sobo Village

Riad, left, and Sheraz Ali work as a team to repair bikes at their home in Sobo Village, La Brea. - Photo by Marvin Hamilton
Riad, left, and Sheraz Ali work as a team to repair bikes at their home in Sobo Village, La Brea. - Photo by Marvin Hamilton

There is a natural connection between boys, bicycles and cars.

But Sobo Village, La Brea brothers, Sheraz and Riad Ali, have a passion for fixing them and even help their father service car engines.

Whether it’s changing a bike chain or cleaning an engine, there’s nothing the two can’t do.

For as long as they can remember, they have been learning the ropes of mechanics from their father Riaz Ali, who works as a mechanic in his free time.

Newsday Kids recently caught up with the budding mechanics as they fixed a bike at their home on Sobo Extension Road.

Riad, nine, told Newsday Kids, “Fixing a bike is easy because it’s very small. There’s nothing hard about it and there’s nothing I can’t do.”

When he was younger, he got a bike as a gift and his father taught him how to fix different parts when they broke.

Over time, Riad learned how to fix a bike on his own without his father’s help. He can now fix a bike’s chain, brakes and tyres if needed. But he didn’t stop there.

Brothers Riad, left, and Sheraz Ali repair a flat bicycle tyre at their Sobo Village, La Brea home.
- Photo by Marvin Hamilton

He usually watched his father service cars and started volunteering.

“I can change four-wheels (for an alignment), change engine mounts, change the radiator, change the condenser and change belts. An engine does take an hour to fix, mounts do take a few minutes.”

Even though his bother, Sheraz, five, maybe too small to do many of the laborious tasks, he still joins in on the action.

He told Newsday Kids, “I help my brother and dad. Sometimes I go under the car with the crawler board. There’s nothing I’m scared about.”

When the brothers grow older, they want to continue being mechanics.

Both attend Rousillac Presbyterian School with Riad being a standard three student and Sheraz in standard one.

Riad and Sheraz Ali get ready to test out bicycles they repaired. - Photo by Marvin Hamilton

Apart from honing their auto mechanic skills, the brothers love to ride their bikes every evening to relax and help their mom with her gardening.

But you wouldn’t find Riad planting much because he thinks it’s harder than doing mechanic work.

And Sheraz is also pretty handy outside the garage as he loves doing chores around the house especially cleaning.

Proud of his sons, Riaz told Newsday Kids, “They are keeping themselves occupied and in the future, they’ll have an idea of life.

“Parents should do things like this more. Even if things a lil' hard with the pandemic, you have to spend some time with your children too. Have a lil' family love.”


"Brothers Sheraz, Riad Ali, the junior mechanics of Sobo Village"

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