SEWA TT donates 4,000 masks to journalists

The Media Association of TT (MATT) will be distributing 4,000 KN95 masks to journalists, using Newsday's Port of Spain and San Fernando offices as pick-up locations for most of them.

The masks were donated by non-profit volunteer organisation SEWA TT to protect reporters while on the job.

In a media release on MATT's website on Monday, it was reported that MATT would distribute 20 masks per journalist, as the number of covid19 cases remains high.

President of SEWA TT Revan Teelucksingh said the donation of the masks falls within the organisation's three-pronged pandemic response and was pleased to support the media in their duties to reliably inform the public.

He added that masks will also be donated to other frontline services and agencies while keeping some in reserve.

"SEWA TT sees media as an essential pillar of democracy, and frontline media workers are most at risk of exposure to the covid19 virus and its variants and are grateful for this opportunity to allow some measure of protection to journalists.

"Recently SEWA TT reached out to Amazon UK, (which) donated 350,000 protective masks to support frontline workers.

"Of these, we will also donate KN95 masks to protective services (including the Fire Service, secondary schools, and MPs) while holding 50,000 masks in reserve in a natural disaster.

"We thank the media for their courage in staying on the frontline and hope this sharing of this protective resource helps keep you safe."

MATT thanked SEWATT for its support.

Editors from media houses are asked to write to MATT directly at the on the number of staff in need of masks, which will then be delivered to locations in Port of Spain.

Media houses with fewer than 15 workers in need of support can also e-mail MATT with the names of staff needing masks.

From Thursday freelance reporters will be able to collect masks at Newsday's Port of Spain office at 17-19 Pembroke Street and San Fernando office, Room 12, Cathay House, Carlton Centre, San Fernando.

The masks will be packaged, labelled and dropped off at these offices for pick-up.

Masks are expected to be sent to Tobago on Tuesday through MATT's Tobago-based executive member Clayton Clarke.


"SEWA TT donates 4,000 masks to journalists"

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