Trini, 43, faces US court charged with hiring hitman by mail

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A Trinidadian living in the US has been accused of hiring a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend.

On Thursday, Ryan Hadeed, 43, of Pembroke Pines in Florida, faced a Fort Lauderdale federal court charged with using the US mail system to solicit, plan and pay for the murder.

However, the intended target was not murdered, as law enforcement officers received information of the plan.

The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida reported that Hadeed first mailed letters to the hitman in September, followed by two others. He allegedly provided the would-be hitman with a description, pictures, address and a likely travel schedule for the target, as well as a deadline for the murder.

The hitman also received an envelope containing US$10,000 for the killing.

Prosecutors allege that Hadeed left the US on a one-way ticket the same day the hitman got the cash and pictures of the intended victim.

Law enforcement officers arrested him on Wednesday on his return to the US from Trinidad and Tobago, where he writes a weekly column for the Guardian newspaper.

The attorney’s office says Hadeed could face up to ten years in federal prison and a US $250,000 fine if convicted.

A pretrial detention hearing for Hadeed is scheduled for December 29.

Several US media outlets, including the Miami Herald, reported the case on December 23.


"Trini, 43, faces US court charged with hiring hitman by mail"

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