Rio Claro man found drowned 'lived a fulfilled life'

Richard Ramlochan  -
Richard Ramlochan -

Richard Ramlochan went through a lot in his short life but never let anything keep him back from living a fulfilled one.

So said his sister Tricia at his funeral on December 18 at the family’s home in Rio Claro.

She said Ramlochan, 29, a freelance surveyor, had cancer, which was in remission. He had earlier been in two major accidents, one of which left him with a fractured collarbone.

But, she said, "Richard did not let anything keep him back. Richard is an amazing soul. He did not let a day pass that he did not do something fruitful.

"He had been through a lot in his short life. Richard was a very determined young man."

The funeral was streamed on social media.

The bodies of Ramlochan and his childhood friend Ishmael Mohammed, 22, also of Rio Claro, were found at sea on December 11 in Blanchisseuse, two days after they got into difficulties after going into rough waters. They were among a group staying at a villa on Paria Main Road.

Scores of mourners wore green T-shirts with the words "Hakuna Matata" on the back and Ramlochan’s image on the front.

Tricia recalled that when the Disney movie Lion King came out, Ramlochan fell in love with the movie and the theme song, Hakuna Matata. In Swahili, it means "No worries," or "Take it easy." She said he used to sing that song with passion and lived his life without worries.

Tricia said they spent a lot of time together and she always looked up to him.

Ramlochan graduated from Cowen Hamilton Secondary School in Moruga and UWI.

He started his own company, RNR Surveying Services, which became successful because of his high standards.

She said the "r" in his name represented his resilience, "i" the inquisitive person he was, and "c" for his charm. The "h" represented his happiness, "a" his adventurous personality, "r" stood for both for responsible and reckless, and "d" for his dedication to family, friends and career.

A mourner identified as Christina referred to Ramlochan as a genuinely kind soul with a warm heart. He was always willing to lend support, give advice or give a listening ear to others, she said, and was the embodiment of strength.

Christina said, "A lot of people are alive but never lived...His smile will forever warm our hearts."

Ramlochan was cremated at the Mafeking Cremation site in Mayaro.

Newsday was unable to speak with Mohammed’s relatives.


"Rio Claro man found drowned ‘lived a fulfilled life’"

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