20 deaths, 629 new infections on Sunday

THE Ministry of Health has recorded 20 more deaths and 629 new covid19 infections in its daily update for Sunday.

The death toll now stands at 2,580 while the total number of positive cases since TT recorded its first case in March 2020, climbed to 85,422. Of this, 67,268 patients have recovered.

Active cases continue to move upward in a steady increase as 15,574 people are in quarantine battling the virus.

The ministry's 4 pm update said 14,266 people are in-home quarantine, 190 in step-down facilities waiting to be discharged, 529 patients are in hospital and 37 people are being monitored in state quarantine facilities.

The ministry's update showed 88.1 per cent of patients in the parallel health care system are not fully vaccinated.

A total of 486,415 samples have been sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency, the Tobago Regional Health Authority, UWI and other local testing sites.

Eight months into the national vaccination programme, 656,100 people have taken the covid19 vaccine of which 612,963 people are deemed to be fully vaccinated. A total of 55,249 people have taken the booster shot.


Statistics show that December is by far the worst month in terms of infections since the pandemic first made its presence felt in TT back in March 2020.

So far for December, there have been 14,061 infections. The previous record in terms of infections in a month was November which saw 14,032 infections (or 467.73 cases per day).

A breakdown by week (seven days) shows that in the first week of December (1st-7th) there were 5,240 cases and 145 deaths; in the second week (8th-14th) there were 5,256 infections and 151; and so far in this the third week (from the 15th-19th) there have been 3,565 infections with 126 deaths.

For the first 19 days of December, the daily infection average is 740.5 while in terms of deaths, the daily average, up to December 19, is 22.21.

If the daily covid19 death average holds, December is set to comfortably beat November as the deadliest month in TT.

In all of November, there were 462 deaths (or 15.4 deaths per day) while up to December 19 (Sunday) there have been 422 deaths – 40 less than November's overall tally.


"20 deaths, 629 new infections on Sunday"

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