Covid19 claims life of Sangre Grande business stalwart

Darryl Mahabir. Photo source: Facebook
Darryl Mahabir. Photo source: Facebook

SANGRE GRANDE business stalwart Darryl Mahabir, owner of Darryl’s Famous Foods, succumbed to covid19 on Wednesday.

The Sangre Grande business community was hit another blow when Franklyn Boodansingh, owner of Boodansingh’s Supermarket, died also on Wednesday, of a heart attack.

Indra Sinanan Ojah-Maharaj, secretary of the Sangre Grande Chamber of Commerce, expressed condolences to the families of both men, saying they were two soldiers of Sangre Grande who would be missed.

“Boodansingh was one of the few seniors in the business community left in Sangre Grande. His small shop grew into a supermarket and although he was pre-retired, he was still heavily involved in the supermarket.

“Mahabir was a community man. He loved football, cricket and sports in general. Wherever there was a sporting facility he would help support. He was in everything.”

Mahabir, one of the founders of Japs restaurant, changed the name of his business after separating from relatives and business partners and continued as Darryl’s Famous Foods.

Ojah Maharaj said his name became famous because his restaurant was one of the few places in Sangre Grande where someone could still get a box of food for $20.

Mahabir’s death came ten days after his mother, Bago Maraj, also died of covid19 l.

Ojah-Maharaj urged her membership to ensure they and their loved ones are vaccinated. She said the chamber assisted the Eastern Regional Health Authority in vaccinatingf more than 10,000 people connected to its membership.

“We started with businesses, then the support team around the business community. We partnered with them at their outreach centres and we supplied water donated by members on a daily basis.

“We are urging people to get vaccinated because it is the only way to have some measure of protection against the virus.”


"Covid19 claims life of Sangre Grande business stalwart"

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