Nerve of WASA and councillors

THE EDITOR: WASA has the nerve to ask people to call about leaks because when they do so absolutely nothing is done.

I called my councillor about a leak from a fire hydrant to see if he could get WASA to fix the problem. I had been calling WASA for many months and the road had now started to sink.

The representative of the people had the nerve to tell me to call the press. This is what we vote for. All these people who run for office seem to care about is the money. I keep in mind what a representative once said, "All ah we tief,” Another said he did not take a vow of poverty when he ran for office.

I live at Alta Gracia Road, Maracas, St Joseph and I am sick and tired of the representation we receive from our politicos.


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"Nerve of WASA and councillors"

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