Abducted Sangre Grande woman reported threat by attacker a month ago

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A month before she and her friend were abducted by her boyfriend from a hotel in Arima, a Sangre Grande woman reported to police that the man had threatened to kill her and her family.

Police said that on November 12, the woman reported to the Santa Rosa Station that at about 4.51 pm, while she was on her way to visit a friend at Ram Avenue, Pinto Road, Arima, the man called her and threatened to kill her, her mother and father and burn down their home.

The woman asked for the man to be warned. Police said this was done the same day the report was made.

A month later she and her friend escaped from a car to avoid being abducted by the man. Police said that about 3pm on Saturday, the man and the woman, who was described as his girlfriend, were at a hotel on Tumpuna Road, Arima, when the man attacked her and her friend.

Police said he showed the victim something resembling a gun after locking the door and telling her she could not leave the hotel room. He also threatened to kill her.

He reportedly began beating the woman until she cried out for help and a hotel employee rescued her. She then ran to the garage, where her friend was waiting.

Armed with a pair of scissors, the naked man chased her and demanded her clothes, which he later put on, three cellphones, her bank card and the PIN.

He then put what the victim said was a pen with a blade on it to her neck and told her to hand over the keys to a silver Nissan Almera.

The man then made both women get into the car, threatening to take them to Malabar. The women got out of the car and ran into a bar when the carstopped by the traffic lights at the Tumpuna Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway intersection.

There they called the police and a mobile patrol spotted the 26-year-old man at the ATM trying to withdraw cash.

He now faces charges of robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment.


"Abducted Sangre Grande woman reported threat by attacker a month ago"

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