Angostura, Government appeal: Support Princess Elizabeth Centre

The Inclusive Playground at the Princesss Elizabeth Centre in Woodbrook. PHOTO BY ANGELO MARCELLE - Angelo Marcelle
The Inclusive Playground at the Princesss Elizabeth Centre in Woodbrook. PHOTO BY ANGELO MARCELLE - Angelo Marcelle

Ministers and officials of Angostura Ltd made a call to private companies to exercise their corporate responsibilities by contributing to the operations at the Princess Elizabeth Centre in Woodbrook.

They made the call as Angostura officials unveiled a playground donated and installed by the company at the grounds on Friday.

Angostura Ltd chairman Terrence Bharath said, “I am making a plea to the corporate citizens of TT to assist in the home in whatever way they can muster so that we could continue to assist families with differently abled children so that they get the care, attention and support they deserve.

Angostura chairman Terrence Bharath speaks at the handing over ceremony. PHOTO BY ANGELO MARCELLE -

“If we all come together as corporate citizens of TT and contribute to the operations and activities of the centre, it would be in a better position to reach differently abled children in the country and continue to provide free services and surgeries for children.”

The playground which included a merry-go-round, swing sets, a see-saw and slides, took two years to build, partially because of delays due to covid19. He said the project involved measurements, consultation with management of the centre, extensive research into specialised playground design, selecting reputable and certified manufacturers, shipping, customs and installation.

Minister of Social Development Donna Cox echoed Bharath’s sentiment by encouraging the private sector to adopt a culture of philanthropy.

Clement Imbert, acting chairman of the Princess Elizabeth Centre speaks on Friday at the handing over ceremony by Angostura of an Inclusive Playground to the Centre. PHOTO BY ANGELO MARCELLE -

“I must commend Angostura Ltd, which has consistently demonstrated its commitment to support those in need at the time they need it the most,” Cox said. “A public/private partnership such as this facilitates improved accessibility to community development programmes and community facilities and provides equal opportunities for enjoyment of social and cultural life within the community.”

Cox added that the delivery of the playground aligned with the Social Development Ministry’s policy for people with disabilities.

Mayor Joel Martinez described the contribution of the playground as a “Christmas miracle.”

“To see this type of Christmas cheer and the representation of an organisation such as Angostura to present such a miracle to the centre is definitely a dream come true.”


"Angostura, Government appeal: Support Princess Elizabeth Centre"

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