TTOC Awards to focus on rising above adversity

TT Olympic Committee president Brian Lewis.  File photo/Roger Jacob
TT Olympic Committee president Brian Lewis. File photo/Roger Jacob

FOR a second consecutive year, the TT Olympic Committee (TTOC) will host its annual awards virtually on December 29.

All eight awards will be up for grabs. They are senior and junior sportsman and sportswoman of the year, people’s choice, sports personality of the year, Future is Female and the Alexander B. Chapman awards.

This year’s theme is “The glass is not half empty”.

As is customary, the TTOC will unveil its feature speaker on the night of the award show. For the past eight years, the Olympic body has selected national athletes as its feature speaker. The 2021 edition will follow suit.

The ceremony will be pre-recorded and broadcast on TTOC’s social media platforms from 6 pm.

TTOC president Brian Lewis said the theme embraces all the challenges faced, particularly owing to the pandemic, and the commitment and perseverance shown to rise above adversity through sport.

“2021 has been a really difficult and challenging year for the TT Olympic Movement, the athletes, coaches, administrators and member national sporting organisations.

“It’s in the second year of covid19 restrictions but at the end of the day, it’s about the entire globe going through this. So having the 27th edition of the TTOC awards is really an important thing for the Olympic committee and movement.

“Life and how you look at challenges and problems depends on the lens through which you look at it,” Lewis said.

He added that the ceremony climaxes the organisation’s 75th anniversary year. Prior TTOC events like the TT International Marathon in January and the ongoing 75,000 steps in 75 days campaign were/are also held to commemorate the fraternity’s 75-year establishment.

The people’s choice award features 12 national athletes from five sporting disciplines. They are Nicholas Paul, Teniel Campbell (cycling), Michelle-Lee Ahye, Deon Lendore, Machel Cedenio, Jonathan Farinha, Tyriq Horsford (athletics), Dylan Carter, Cherelle Thompson, Graham Chatoor (swimming), Andrew Lewis (sailing) and Samantha Wallace (netball).

Looking back on the Olympic year, Lewis said, “Given the challenges, difficulties and adversities, covid19 has been disruptive in everything.

“The last two years have been traumatic for the entire globe with particular focus on sport and the Olympic Movement.

“At times you don’t seem to have respite as there continue to be new variants and rising numbers (covid19 cases). Sport cannot get back on track yet fully. It definitely has had an effect on sport participation and development.”

TTOC’s 2020


Sportsman of the Year – Dylan Carter (swimming)

Sportswoman of the Year – Teniel Campbell (cycling)

Future is Female Award – Samantha Wallace (netball)

Junior Sportsman of the Year – Nikoli Blackman (swimming)

Junior Sportswoman of the Year – Abigail Vieira (skiing)

People’s Choice – Abigail Vieira

Sports Personality of the Year – Dr. Felice Aisha Chow (rowing)

Alexander B. Chapman Award – Nigel Grovesnor (posthumously)


"TTOC Awards to focus on rising above adversity"

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