Police to respond 'aggressively' after Belmont station shot at

Belmont Police Station. -
Belmont Police Station. -

DCP Mc Donald Jacob says the police will respond in an "aggressive manner" after someone shot at the Belmont Police Station on Thursday morning.

Speaking with Newsday at an award ceremony at the Police Administration Building, Sackville Street, Port of Spain, Jacob said those responsible were trying to test the resolve of the police.

"We will respond in a manner that no one again will attempt to do such activities again."

Police reported that at about 3 am officers at the station heard gunshots and ducked for cover. After the shooting stopped, they found two bullet holes in the building and three spent shells. No one was injured.

Jacob said the attack meant the police are doing something to irk criminals, driving them to respond in such a manner.

"These elements believe that they could intimidate the police. It will not interfere with all the investigations that we are dealing with."

He added: "They believe that these measures might in fact cause us to slow down.

"It will just give us resolve to deal with the current situation. And so, what they can expect is a serious pushback. Because when you touch one station, you touch all. When you touch one police officer, you touch all."


"Police to respond ‘aggressively’ after Belmont station shot at"

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