Fuad Abu Bakr: THA election holds national implications

Fuad Abu Bakr -
Fuad Abu Bakr -

New National Vision leader Fuad Abu Bakr was in Tobago on Monday morning to get a first-hand view of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections. Speaking to the media in Buccoo, Abu Bakr said the election had national implications.

"This election is important not just for Tobago. A lot of us as Trinbagonians are looking at the implications for the wider political perspective. We realise how serious a shake-up in the THA has been in the last tie of six-six, and we can only imagine what changes can come if things are changed even further with the PDP gaining more ground."

Abu Bakr said he observed great interest in the election on the island.

"I expect the voter turnout will be high."

He added, "Whichever way it goes, as a people Tobago can live harmoniously together."

He said some people are concerned about their jobs in the THA and what a change in governance would mean, while others are advocating for a bigger shake-up in the THA.

He said PNM politicians in Tobago have been sleeping.


"Fuad Abu Bakr: THA election holds national implications"

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