CTU special training for frontline law enforcement officers

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The Ministry of National Security’s Counter Trafficking Unit (CTU) series of training programmes geared towards equipping approximately 90 police officers with the necessary expertise for effective screening for human trafficking indicators has been completed.  

The training took place over four days, from November 17-25 November 25. It provided four different groups of specially identified officers from each of the nine police divisions with the necessary tools to screen nationals and non-nationals for indicators of human trafficking. 

 Once identified, possible victims will be referred to the CTU for the initiation of a human trafficking investigation.  

The successful delivery of these training sessions was attributed to the executive of the police service (TTPS) and the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) partnership with the Counter Trafficking Unit. The Ministry of National Security remains committed to continue, through the CTU, to prevent and counteract human trafficking in all its forms.  

To date, the Counter Trafficking Unit has delivered training to over 1,500 law enforcement officers comprising prison officers and police officers, through the Caaricom Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), Caricom IMPACS, the TT Police Service Academy and through the ACP-EU Migration Action programme.  

The training was hosted at the Police Administration Building, corner of Edward and Sackville Streets, Port of Spain.  


"CTU special training for frontline law enforcement officers"

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