Baby girl dies from covid19

Photo courtesy CDC.
Photo courtesy CDC.

Trinidad and Tobago recorded the loss of its first baby to the covid19 pandemic on Monday.

The Health Ministry said the newborn girl was one of the 19 people who died of the virus over the past 24 hours.

The death toll now stands at 2,281. The ministry said the people who died were ten elderly men, five elderly women, two middle-aged men, one middle-aged woman, and one newborn girl.

Thirteen of the others had multiple comorbidities, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, kidney disease, obesity, Parkinson’s, and a history of strokes. Three people had one comorbidity –hypertension – and three had no known comorbidity.

TT also recorded its second highest daily number of new cases, with 801 cases reported from samples taken between December 3 and 5.

This is also the highest number ever recorded on a Monday, which traditionally sees low numbers because of decreased testing over the weekends.

There are 12,702 active cases. Since March 2020, there have been 75,935 cases, of which 60,947 people have recovered.

The release said 89.8 per cent, or 6,408 of 7,134 patients, of those in the parallel healthcare system were unvaccinated. This is based on data from July 22-November 17.

There are 509 people in hospital. Ninety-two are at the Couva Hospital and Multi-Training Facility, with 21 in the intensive care unit and 23 in the high dependency unit. There are 63 at the Caura Hospital, 53 at the Augustus Long Hospital, 46 at the St Ann’s Hospital, 69 at the Arima General Hospital, 73 at the new Point Fortin Hospital, 56 at the St James Medical Complex, 52 at the Scarborough Regional Hospital, Fort King George, and five at the Scarborough Regional Hospital, Signal Hill.

There are 101 people in step-down facilities, with none at the Claxton Bay Correctional Facility, 65 at UWI Debe, 45 at UTT Valsayn, 32 at the Point Fortin Area Hospital, 27 at the Port of Spain field hospital, nine at the Couva field hospital, none at the Port of Spain General Hospital, nine at the Tacarigua Facility, and none in Tobago.

There are 101 people in state quarantine facilities, and 11,210 in home self-isolation. There are 265 recovered community cases and 100 people have been discharged from public health facilities.

As of Monday at 4 pm, 649,300 people had received their first dose of a two-dose vaccine regimen, out of an eligible population of 1.1 million people. Of these, 120,100 received the AstraZeneca vaccine, 413,544 received Sinopharm, and 115,656 the Pfizer vaccine.

The number of people who had taken the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine was 44,646.

The number of people who had received their second dose was 604,005.

The total number of people who were fully vaccinated was 648,651.

A total of 32,922 people have received an additional primary dose.

In all, 458,869 people have been tested to date at both public and private facilities.


"Baby girl dies from covid19"

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