The young and the relentless


Quite like a soap opera that has unfolded with increasing intensity – plots twisting and thickening – over the past few weeks, the often-bacchanalian saga of pre-THA-election campaigning has been reminiscent of a heated local romance involving multiple partners.

A has been in a relationship with B for decades, easily managing to keep B’s attention in the absence of much competition.

Along comes C – young and charming. B sits up and takes notice of C, whose sudden attractive presence stirs something deep within...awakening the realisation that, perhaps, the relationship with A has not been as fulfilling as erstwhile believed.

A, observing the sudden attraction, panics slightly...but not sufficiently to warrant any drastic action. After all, over the decades, B has never strayed, so why now? C is too green, immature and not well-enough endowed to guarantee full satisfaction.

C, having very little money for spending, humbly invites B for a walk in the park. A, accustomed to big spending, laughingly overrides C’s offer by building a scenic seaside boardwalk and inviting B to go walking there instead. It has always been easy to buy expensive gifts and, overnight, organise huge public displays of affection to keep B sufficiently impressed. C could never be a threat.

The plot thickens as B, enticed by C’s chivalrous approach, begins to grow wary of the last-minute gifts and promises that have driven the decades-long relationship with A. Along the way there have been disappointments, moments of feeling taken for granted and, at times, misunderstood. Parts of B awaken to the need for deeper substance, beyond the material. Daring to acknowledge that with a new start comes new hope, B adventurously accepts C’s invitation.

The unexpectedly dramatic plot twist thrusts A and C into a never-before-imagined reality...B has chosen them both...equally!


Recognising the opportunity for a new approach to the relationship, C expresses the willingness to share B’s hand with A. "Sharing is caring" seems to be the best solution for the Gordian knot. Perhaps, together, they might be able to offer B a better life.

However, A, accustomed to being B’s one-and-only, refuses the offer. All or nothing is the only acceptable relationship status.

Months pass; nothing changes. Anxiety builds. B begins to question the true intentions of A and C. To break the tension and move forward, the suitors have no choice but to draw their weapons and fight for the beautiful B.

They enter the arena – A clad in red and C clad in green. Desperate to win, A starts to woo B with large sums of money, street parties and a new world of promises. Then, with the sinking realisation that this approach is not as effective as it used to be, A wildly grabs at mud and slime, slinging it to sully C’s dapper appearance.

A: Be careful, B! C has two faces. The truth will be revealed only after you commit to the relationship!

C (fighting back): Zip it, A! B, don’t be tricked into listening to that party-loving spendthrift!

Amidst the flying dirt and mud, the plot twists dramatically, yet again...and in steps a new player – the purple-clad D – an old friend of A’s. Soft-spoken, seemingly level-headed and apparently uninterested in slander, D wears a heart as a symbol of intent and expresses an interest in "listening to" more than "talking at" B. In fact, D seems keen on knowing how B feels, what B wants.

Being accustomed to choosing the loud, showy type, will B ever notice or be attracted to the likes of D... or, for that matter, any other independent-minded suitor (eg E) who comes with promises of wholesome treatment and genuine care?

The heat is on; passions are running high. Which of these suitors can be trusted to provide B with a stable, nurturing relationship and promising future...willing and able to do all that is possible to strive and thrive through thick and thin, in sickness and in health?

To be continued. Tune in tomorrow, December 6, when we all get the chance to play a role in determining the long-awaited outcome.

Who will win B’s hand? A, C, D or (yet another unprecedented plot twist)...all of the above?


"The young and the relentless"

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