What new covid variant means for TT

THE EDITOR: With a new covid19 variant surfacing, world tourism gets back on a shaky ledge of uncertainty. With the urgent need to vaccinate more locals, Tobago should not cling to the idea of an inspired number of Trinidadian visitors. Vaccine hesitancy is a killer of the tourism sector.

There is no end in sight for the millions of people likely to die globally because they are not vaccinated. Like in the old Star Wars movie, vaccinating, like the Obi Wan Kanobi character, is our only hope.

So much so for the blame games and the anti-vaxxers drinking their own flavoured drink mix like the Jim Jones people in Guyana. Talk is no longer cheap. Talk is for free in sweet TT.

Will reopening the beaches in either Trinidad or Tobago really help? Cluster formation talk is already in the air regarding the coffin carriers marching to the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Having enough corn to feed all the chickens will be of prime importance come December 6. And never forget that all talk, political or otherwise, is poor political strategy in TT.


Diego Martin


"What new covid variant means for TT"

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