Opposition MP: Criminals are fearless

Naparima MP Rodney Charles. -
Naparima MP Rodney Charles. -

Naparima MP Rodney Charles has accused the Prime Minister and President Paula-Mae Weekes of dereliction of duty.

A statement on Wednesday from the Opposition MP alleged that Dr Rowley and Weekes were "living it up" in Barbados while citizens in TT were either being killed or dodging bullets.

Rowley and Weekes went to Barbados to attend the inauguration of the island’s first president Dame Sandra Mason on Monday.

Charles claimed criminals are now fearless and openly opposed law enforcement officers.

"They murder prison officers in broad daylight and threaten others. Criminals appear totally in control of this failed state, and police appear only able to apprehend peaceful protesters," Charles said.

He said this country is in the throes of a murderous trend, with November being the bloodiest month in history with a record-breaking 77 murders.

Charles said there were over 100 murders in the past two months. Considering the significant figure, Charles believes that the yearly murder figure under the PNM administration can reach 750.

He also made several allegations against National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, who Charles referred to as "clueless" and having a "fake Oxfordian accent."


"Opposition MP: Criminals are fearless"

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