LABIDCO donates solar system to La Brea woman

File photo by Lincoln Holder
File photo by Lincoln Holder

The La Brea Industrial Development Co Ltd (LABIDCO) provided a mother of nine last Friday with something she has not had in 15 years – a reliable supply of electricity.

The company donated a 3kw solar photovoltaic system to Cindy Williams, a single mother who used her home in La Brea as a registered pre-school.

The system took two days to instal. The solar system which was installed through LABIDCO by RESSCOTT Ltd, a company which specialises in solar-panel-system installation, is capable of powering LED lights, a washing machine, a 32-inch TV, a fan and electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

La Brea residents who were recently trained in installating solar PV systems by LABIDCO’s sister company, the National Energy Corporation Ltd (National Energy), also got the opportunity of hands-on experience in installing the 3kW system in Williams’s home.

Chairman of LABIDCO and NGC Conrad Enill visited Williams’s home on Sunday to see the solar system at work.

Enill said both companies re-engineered their consumer service initiatives to focus on similar projects that are aligned with government’s goal of promoting a low-carbon economy.

In a release sent to the media on Thursday LABIDCO said Williams was selected for the installation after it was confirmed that she legally owns the land she occupies.


"LABIDCO donates solar system to La Brea woman"

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