Throw hat in political ring, Griffith

Gary Griffith. File photo/Sureash Cholai
Gary Griffith. File photo/Sureash Cholai

THE EDITOR: Open letter to Gary Griffith, former commissioner of police.

The naysayers, the brayers and wannabe political zessers can say what they want, I thank you for making an effort to bring crime down in this sweet TT.

I thank you for wanting to see positive change in this country and for being a better police commissioner than some of the past.

If you are not returned as CoP, I hope you can be the next prime minister since TT is in need of people who really wish to take the country forward. After seeing the nasty fiasco with the last Police Service Commission, it is clear that some people wanted you to be their puppet but, sadly, their demand for “beck and call” did not work in their favour.

People should be tired by now of the same old khaki pants and seeing grassroots people being used conveniently for elections and then getting “hungry money” for their support, even though they continue to live in poverty with little change to their lives and communities.

Throw your hat in the political ring if need be. What is there to fear? Who God bless, no man curse.


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"Throw hat in political ring, Griffith"

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