Jack: PNM deserves award for developing Tobago

Joel Jack speaks to PNM supporters during a Bagatelle/Bacolet Council meeting in Calder Hall. PHOTO COURTESY PNM -
Joel Jack speaks to PNM supporters during a Bagatelle/Bacolet Council meeting in Calder Hall. PHOTO COURTESY PNM -

Finance Secretary Joel Jack believes the People’s National Movement (PNM) deserves an award for the development of Tobago in the last 20 years.

The PNM candidate for Bagatelle/ Bacolet made the statement as he addressed supporters on Sunday at the Black Rock hard court.

According to Jack: “The data is there, the information is loud and clear. We have to dispel the myth that we have done nothing. With the little money we have over the past years...to develop this little island, and we have done so much. This PNM administration in Tobago deserves an award.”

He said if Tobagonians objectively compare the island's transformation from 2001 to now, the evidence is clear.

“They won’t tell you that. We doubled the size of the economy from $900 million to $1.8 billion – they won’t tell you that."

He claimed when the PNM started human capital development, only seven per cent of the population had tertiary degrees. He said that figure is not at 23 per cent.

"They won’t tell you about the millions of dollars that we have invested, over $75 million to expand the private sector and to give entrepreneurs a chance – they would not tell you that.”

He added: “We have a responsibility to toot our own trumpet and to go throughout the length and breadth of this island and to remind Tobagonians – listen, open your eyes, what they’re telling you are blatant untruths. I can’t say is lies, what they’re trying to do is mamaguy you.”

PNM Tobago political leader and candidate for Signal Hill/ Patience Hill Tracy Davidson-Celestine said this election is about protecting one’s future.

“We have to examine the facts; you as a people have to understand what we are playing with and what is in front of us at this moment. So when they talk to you about change and change and change, you as a people have to ask them, 'Change from what to what?'

"What kind of state do you want to put the people of Tobago in?

"What kind of place do you want Tobago to become if we were to put those people in black or possibly green in office come December 6, 2021?”

She said unlike the Progressive Democratic Patriots, the PNM is offering a plan for all.

“A plan that is based on fact – that is what we’re saying. You cannot change from a situation where a party has a plan of action, a manifesto rolling our plans of action, talking about revolutionising the Tobago House of Assembly and development in Tobago, to a party that has no plan of action.

"What is their plan for the resuscitation of the tourism sector if they were to win? I have not heard anyone of them up to this point articulate what their plan of action is, more than to say Tracy stole their idea for Scarborough beautification.”

She added: “Whether you don’t like the PNM or you don’t like Tracy or you don’t like Learie Paul – this election is more than that. This election is about your future, this election is about ensuring that we can walk side by side with Trinidad.”


"Jack: PNM deserves award for developing Tobago"

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