MSJ: Rowley offered no hope

MSJ Leader David Abdulah. -
MSJ Leader David Abdulah. -

THE Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) said the Prime Minister offered the population no hope that TT would be able to deal with a new wave of covid19 infections and deaths now taking place.

In a statement on Friday, MSJ leader David Abdulah slammed Dr Rowley for offering no hope and inspiration on TT's ability to handle the new threats being posed by the pandemic, in his address on Thursday night

"Dr Rowley did none of this last night. It was a spectacular failure of communication at a crucial moment in our fight against the virus." The population did not need to hear a repetition of covid19's history and what Government's response has been.

"We needed to hear what new concrete steps will be taken to save lives. But we got nothing, except a hint that what is being done elsewhere in the world could be done here," Abdulah said.

Outside of remote possibilities of reopening beaches and Carnival next year, Abdulah reiterated, "There was no hope that action will be taken to reduce deaths."

The 2,061 people who have died from covid, as of Friday, is a cause for great alarm, the MSJ leader said.

Abdulah observed there are no public protests, or concerns raised by business organisations or by the media focusing on this.

"It’s business as usual, things normal.”

While vaccines are available, the key issue is trust. He said, "The message is lost because the messenger isn’t trusted by everyone."

In a polarised political environment, a crisis of trust is multiplied. "Chastising people who may have doubts or are hesitant turns them off.”

Abdulah suggested Government consider allowing a third dose of Sinopharm vaccine to all people over 18; vaccinate children between 5-11; and access additional covid19 vaccines from Cuba, as some measures to reduce the rising number of infections.

Doctors in private practice were asked to encourage people who are unvaccinated to take the jab. Abdulah promised the MSJ will continue to educate and encourage people to be vaccinated and offer proposals for dealing with this national crisis.


"MSJ: Rowley offered no hope"

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