Writing on cemetery walls

THE EDITOR: With the expected upsurge in more covid19 deaths, the writing is not just on any wall. It is now specifically on designated walls like mortuaries and crematoriums. Twenty-eight deaths were reported on Saturday afternoon and 592 new cases confirmed.

What can I say to the unvaccinated? Keep up the pretense that you do not mind dying so easily? That you are not interested in a vaccine that can possibly save your life? Very true indeed that vaccinating may not prevent you getting covid19. What it does is lessen the likelihood that, if affected, you will not suffer extensively and end up in intensive care.

I was very sorry to read of the passing of a man who was fully vaccinated. But he waited three full weeks after showing symptoms of an infection to be tested. The test confirmed covid19. Why would his private physician give him medication instead of referring him immediately to the Couva Hospital? All citizens are clearly warned not to wait until it is too late to bring you back from the edge of death.

The story might influence some people from taking the vaccine but this was obviously a case of waiting too long. Comorbidities or not, you cannot be saved if you have already stepped off the ledge. Condolences to his grieving wife and daughter.

If blame is to be shared his private practitioner must acknowledge that it was wrong to offer him medication. Once your breathing is laboured, except for the lucky few, you are close to death. I am no medical practitioner but long ago and far away from TT I was a chest and heart nurse working in a high dependency hospital, doing home health visits and working at an outpatients consulting clinic. You never, ever forget patients who cannot live without oxygen.

The covid19 writing is now on the walls of the cemeteries and crematoriums.

With the news of the death of the first child all I can say to the unvaccinated is: say it like Sinatra, “Regrets I have a few, but then again, too few to mention. I did it my way.”


Diego Martin


"Writing on cemetery walls"

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