Indarsingh: Ulterior motive in pushing TTRA

 Rudranath Indarsingh -
Rudranath Indarsingh -

COUVA South MP Rudranath Indarsingh reiterated the Opposition's claims of Government having an ulterior motive through the establishment of a revenue authority. He did so during his contribution to debate on the TT Revenue Authority Bill 2021 in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Responding to an earlier contribution from Energy Minister Stuart Young, Indarsingh said, "Time longer than twine. We (UNC) do not have anything to fear." The only thing the Opposition fears are what it believes to be a hidden agenda behind the authority's establishment.

Indarsingh claimed the authority is being created to punish the people, raise revenue for Government and Government will then squander that revenue. "Their deceit. Their propaganda will not end."

He also claimed that public officers at the Board of Inland Revenue and the Customs and Excise Division, which the authority will replace, are facing uncertain futures. "You cannot trust any minister on that side. This is one of the biggest con jobs.

Pointe-a-Pierre MP David Lee agreed with Indarsingh. "The Revenue Authority Bill is about getting rid of public servants." He said the Opposition agreed there should be better revenue collection in TT. But the Opposition differs with the Government on how that should happen.

Lee wondered how Government could praise public servants in one breath and then condemn them in the next, through this legislation. "They talk on two sides of their mouth."


"Indarsingh: Ulterior motive in pushing TTRA"

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