Good time for all to recommit to country

THE EDITOR: The last week saw the observance of International Children’s Day as well as International Men's Day. Combined, we would have sought to highlight the greater portion of our population. The French language defines the "world" as "all the people" and places people as the world.

We admit that our children are the future and, accordingly, invest heavily in them. We see their education, among other things, as their right and do guard, in a most meaningful way, that pledge by ensuring access to school. In TT we have attained universal primary and secondary education, quite an achievement.

In the case of Men's Day there was noticeable increased attention in both social media and world activities. The TT male has had a fair share of negative attacks on his real or perceived laissez-faire attitude over the years. At the same time we have great models of fatherhood by so many of our citizens who should be highlighted in like manner.

The Patriotic Organisation of Trinbago (POT) joins in greeting our males on this occasion. We salute our exemplars who dedicate due attention to their responsibility and fulfil the expectation of the country so admirably, especially their familial tasks. The challenge is always in being a parent – not in becoming one.

The organisation likewise challenges our men to live up to the expectations of their patriotism. We remind all that there is only Mother TT to whom we owe allegiance without conditions attached, without swaying with prejudices of affiliation and not putting country first. Love of country is equally expected, regardless of our individual tastes.

As we assess our national situation, we are free to express opinions and, better still, offer suggestions for improvement. We must face issues with a sense of justice, fair play and honesty in thought and action. In so doing we will become patriots in the true sense of the word. “My country right or wrong" is not fanaticism as it includes our objective thinking. As we look around, fault-finding should be replaced with care and concern. Turning a blind eye is not to be expected.

We are fast approaching the 60th anniversary of our political independence. It is as good a time as any to recommit to our country – forged from the love of our cherished liberty but likewise also pledging our lives and living.

May we all, men, women and children, renew our pledge to the nation.




on behalf of POT


"Good time for all to recommit to country"

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