Ex-assemblyman Cunningham: Hislop will double my achievements

PNM candidate for Mason Hall/Moriah Laurence Hislop at a political meeting on Monday.  - David Reid
PNM candidate for Mason Hall/Moriah Laurence Hislop at a political meeting on Monday. - David Reid

FORMER PNM Assemblyman Sheldon Cunningham has urged voters in Mason Hall/Moriah to support PNM candidate Laurence Hislop in the December 6 THA election. Cunningham represented the district from 2013 to 2021, but was snubbed by the PNM screening committee for the January 25 election earlier this year.

PNM PRO Kwesi Des Vignes was chosen as the candidate for the electoral district but lost to Ian Pollard of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP).

At a political meeting on Monday at King Peter's Bay Road, Cunningham said Hislop is the ideal candidate and would achieve double what he did in his previous terms in office.

Cunningham said, “Just as I came in 2013 and 2017 asking you to give me your support, I did not just take your support. I walked with you, I did whatever I can to ensure that you were properly represented. No one could ever (say) that I came here and fool you, no one could ever (say) that I came here and made promises that I could not have fulfilled – no one could ever say that I lied to you.”

Cunningham promised to work alongside Hislop for the betterment of the area.

“I, Sheldon Cunningham, apologise to you for any hurt, for any pain, because I made a promise to you that you are well taken care of and regardless of what, I came back with Laurence Hislop who is going to do double of what I have done for you. I would continue to walk with him."

Cunningham said his endorsement of Hislop is genuine.

"When I come out here and I ask you to support someone, it’s because I can put my trust in him, I can put my whole self in walking with Laurence.”

Des Vignes was also present on Monday to endorse Hislop.

In his address, Hislop promised to continue development in the area.

“I give you my commitment, standing here, that the work will continue. I know you want to see something done great on the bay and we are going to do it. The beach facilities and the fishing facilities will be constructed on King Peter’s Bay.

“Fishermen can come back from Castara and ply their trade.

“We are going to construct landing facilities and processing facilities for fishing right here at King Peter's Bay. So when the boys from here leave to go and catch their fish is right back here you coming.

“We want a lit King Peter’s Bay Road all the way from the last streetlight on the corner, all the way down to the bay, and we want to do it as a green project – solar lights. Those things are going to create employment and I want us to bear this in mind when the beach facility is built. It's not just one-time employment.”


"Ex-assemblyman Cunningham: Hislop will double my achievements"

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