ASJA in a state of crisis

THE EDITOR: I commend all members of the Muslim community and more so members of my organisation, ASJA, including imams who expressed their support and who stood firmly in upholding the truth regarding the unratified 2009 constitution.

I have always trusted the membership of my organisation and now that the truth is fully established and no one has denied the fact that the 2009 constitution was never ratified, I call on those few people who are still determined to use the 2009 constitution for conducting the affairs of the ASJA to provide the ASJA membership and the wider Islamic community with the evidence to support their claim that the 2009 constitution has been ratified.

This 2009 unratified constitution is a misrepresentation of our organisation and is a huge embarrassment and insult to the integrity of our organisation perpetrated by a few members. I am therefore calling on those responsible to do the honourable thing and resign – immediately.

I recall when I served on the executive there were always trustees of ASJA. Viewing the present crisis that the organisation has found itself in, I ask if the trustees are still operating or are they dormant?

Another debacle in the organisation is that of its finances and members have always expressed their disappointment and are always questioning the financial reports whenever presented. As such it is my opinion and I would strongly advise that an independent forensic audit of the accounts of ASJA be done.

Additionally, I am firmly advising that all funding, grants, subventions for mosques and other distributions, including hampers and other benefits, be given to our imams directly for better distribution, accountability and transparency.

ASJA remains in a state of crisis and as such I maintain that if there is no ratified constitution then there is no president and there is no executive.


former executive member, ASJA


"ASJA in a state of crisis"

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